We are experiencing a time of accelerated change.

Now, more than ever, we need to cultivate our leadership capacity in our organizations.

We face unique challenges and opportunities around the globe. While our workplaces are scattered, we still need people to feel connected. We look to leaders to reinforce that sense of connection, to provide vision, hope and inspiration. Equipped with The Leadership Challenge® framework, your employees will be able to articulate what leadership means to them and identify clear action steps to create positive impact on the organizations they serve. They will create a vision of how they can inspire positive change in our current difficult circumstances and well beyond.

Online Learning Center Features

Meeting Spaces - Printed and Downloadable Resources - Communication Networks - Ongoing Support

Similar to a face-to-face experience, program participants complete the required assessments and pre-work and receive support materials relevant to their program.

Working in a cohort setting, participants work together in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous spaces. Consider it similar to the way one might use a space on campus dedicated to leadership. Think of Zoom as the main classroom and the platform as the building where the class takes place. Outside the classroom there are places to meet to work or study together, a library of resources, commons rooms, coaching support...everything but a café!

Upcoming Workshops
with Beth High
Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®

and the HighRoad Consulting team

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

5-Day LIVE Online Workshop

September 21-25 2020

11am-12:30pm EST

Participants explore and adopt The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® with the guidance and support of certified experts.

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® is powerful, adaptable, evidenced-based model that brings a common leadership language to all levels of an organization. It is simple (without being simplistic) and designed to unlock leadership at every level or your organization.

The Leadership Challenge® approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of skills and behaviors. It has been the top choice for leadership development globally for over three years.

Participants learn to interpret and act on personalized feedback from their LPI®360 (The Leadership Practices Inventory®), resulting in lasting behavior change.

Praise from a former participant...

Will Black, Senior Marketing Manager Astra Zeneca

"Leadership is such a critical component of any career. In today's evolving cross-functional and global workplace, inspiring, influencing, and motivating all of those around you is of the utmost importance. What stood out most to me from The Leadership Challenge® is that leadership is not innate; rather it's a learned and practiced behavior. The Leadership Challenge® provided great fundamentals for learning and practicing the behaviors that ultimately drive leadership success. 

The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training

3 Day LIVE Online Workshop

September 28-30 2020

11am-1:00pm EST

Gain the knowledge and skills to teach others The Leadership Challenge®, advancing your internal credibility (if you are an internal HR/Talent/OD professional) or your business and consulting opportunities (if you are an independent consultant or coach).

LPI® Coach Training

3 Day LIVE Online Workshop

October 5-7 2020

11am-12:30pm EST

Gain the knowledge and skills for delivering and debriefing the LPI®360 ( Leadership Practices Inventory®) as part of your coaching. Completing this course will provide you with the LPI Trained Coach credential.

Praise from Barry Z Posner PhD.
Co-Author, The Leadership Challenge®

"For over a decade, HighRoad Consulting (or Beth High and her colleagues) has applied their deep understanding of The Leadership Challenge® in enabling people to become the best leaders they can be, while offering first-in-class in-person, online and blended program delivery. You can be assured of exceptional learning experiences, responding to changing circumstances in meeting the needs of diverse audiences."

Experience The Leadership Challenge®
2020 Workshop

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Upcoming Leadership Challenge® Workshops

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