Liberate the leader within.

Define and expand your capacity to lead.

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop provides the opportunity to explore and adopt The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® with the guidance and support of certified experts. You learn to interpret and act on personalized feedback from your LPI®360 ( Leadership Practices Inventory®).

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The LPI®360

Research-Based Assessment

The LPI®360 is the heart of the program. This research-based assessment uses the feedback of managers, coworkers, and others with direct, regular experience with leaders to show what leadership behaviors they are effectively performing and which behaviors are areas of improvement. The LPI is a best-selling and trusted 360-degree leadership assessment and has been used by nearly five million people. Using 30 behavioral questions plus customized open-ended questions, You learn to interpret and act on personalized feedback to identify the behaviors that will strengthen your capacity to effectively lead and wIth the help of coaches build a development plan to guide your practice, enhance your skills and refine your goals for leading now and in the future.

Learn in a community of leaders.

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop provides a forum for exploring leadership as a role you have chosen to embrace. With a group of peers with different personalities and different backgrounds, you will share the challenges of leading in today's unique context and reflect on your personal choice to lead leaving the program with a sense of commitment to lead from a place of authenticity and integrity now and in the future.

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The Leadership Challenge® Co-Author

Barry Z Posner, PhD

For over a decade, HighRoad (or Beth High and her colleagues have) has applied their deep understanding of The Leadership Challenge® in enabling people to become the best leaders they can be, while offering first-in-class in-person, online and blended program delivery. You can be assured of exceptional learning experiences, responding to changing circumstances in meeting the needs of diverse audiences.

Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute

Julia Scott

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beth High for the past 4 years. We were looking for someone to deliver the core session of our Leadership Institute – The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, and Beth came highly recommended. She designed and led a highly successful online half day workshop to approximately 100 people, to excellent reviews. Her combination of knowledge and skills, combined with an ability to engage a range of health care professionals from different roles and background is exceptional. I highly recommend Beth!

How it Works

You'll Build a Personalized Development Plan

  • In the workshop, attendees will learn about the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership through a combined program of lecture, video, small group discussion, reflection and learning experiences.

  • Using the LPI® report and coaching, attendees gain insight into how they view themselves as leaders compared to how others view them as leaders. They will identify specific actions to improve their leadership effectiveness.

  • Attendees leave with a powerful personal leadership development plan. It can be used for leadership development, team development, team building, benchmarking, individual development plan creation, coaching, mentoring, and onboarding or retention of emerging leaders.

Who should attend...

Unlock the power of great leadership throughout your organization.

To drive results, organizations need leadership at all levels, from frontline supervisors to the executive team. The Leadership Challenge® Workshop is a catalyst for that leadership and creates a common language to support leadership excellence within teams and across the organization.

What you receive

  • Individual LP®360 report

    A customized 360 report to be used as the foundation for your personalized leadership development plan. (Group reports and Re-assessments are also available upon request.)

  • Additional session materials

    You will receive The Leadership Challenge, 6th addition, LPI® Action Cards, The Values Deck, and online support materials to help you as you move forward.

  • One to one coaching

    You will receive a one hour coaching session from an LPI® Certified Coach. .

The Agenda

This Workshop Includes an Online Live Component

Prior to the Workshop

You will have access to some pre-work

On Workshop Days (June 7 - 18, 2021)

Live On-line Sessions 11:00am-1:00pm EST

Plus approximately 1 hour of independent follow-up work between classes.

Will Black

Senior Marketing Manager at AstraZeneca

Leadership is such a critical component of any career. In today's evolving cross-functional and global workplace, inspiring, influencing, and motivating all of those around you is of the utmost importance. What stood out most to me from the Leadership Challenge is that leadership is not innate; rather it's a learned and practiced behavior. The Leadership Challenge provided great fundamentals for learning and practicing the behaviors that ultimately drive leadership success.

Student Feedback

Minh Nuyen

It really opened my mind…I realized that empowering my team members, trusting them, showing them empathy and regularly giving them encouragement were critical for me to be a successful leader.

Student Feedback

Rehka Devakaran

Prior to this class, I always thought leaders had to have a title, have a certain serious demeanor, needed to possess a certain amount of knowledge and skill. However, I realized this is not the case and that being an effective leader requires one to inspire, trust, and work with others in your team. You have to know yourself and know your team members in order to lead everyone towards a shared interest or goal utilizing the strengths of everyone and ultimately, allowing everyone to become a better leader themselves.

Student Feedback

Alison Gose

While I have held several official leadership positions in the past, I do not think I fully appreciated what it meant to be a leader until this course. Specifically, I realized that it is less about the title and more about the relationship you have with another individual or group of individuals. I have found this class especially helpful navigating my difficult co-teaching situation this semester, as I have had to demonstrate leadership among a team of equals. While this dynamic would have seemed odd to me a couple of months ago, I better understand now about how leadership is an art that can be used in a variety of relationships.

Student Feedback

Grant Canipe

This class is evidence that we are never done growing in our leadership potential. The more I grow in my knowledge and willingness to be a better leader the further away I see the finish line, and I think this is a good thing.

Student Feedback

Mary Wolfe

After working through results of my LPI this semester, I have learned more about my values - and I realized that communicating values is something that I perhaps do not demonstrate enough. (Even though I have some very strong values!) Therefore, I decided to incorporate one of my values within my Leadership Statement; I've added my value of 'caring' to read: I want to be known as a leader who is caring and who empowers people to achieve things that they did not realize they were capable of.

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